SUMS Portal Commercial

SUMS Portal

15-minute interval data, visualised – Gain a holistic view of input and output usage across the site with time of use data available in near real time. The granularity of data makes it possible to recognise abnormal usage patterns and determine where and when it occurred, so the operations can find out why.

Customisable alerts sent via email or SMS – Set alerts to quickly address water and energy spikes, or to be notified of reaching threshold targets, making it easier to proactively manage progress towards reduction targets.

Suite of analysis tools – Added features like base flow, max demand and KPI tracking make it easier to identify problems areas and inefficiencies in normal trends, so regular usage patterns can be adjusted.

Data Logging Commercial

Data Logging

Suite of data logging technologies for applications large and small – For single meters, such as monitoring the main water meter and common electricity meter, SUMS data loggers or data feeds are cost effective and very easy to install. For larger projects, the hardwired SUMS Multi-logger or Radio Mesh can connect dozens or hundreds of sub meters. Read the FAQs for more information.

Ultrasonic loggers for water tanks – The SUMS C-Tank data logger reports on water levels in collection tanks, such as rainwater or recycled water tanks, making it possible to know exactly what’s on hand at any given time and plan usage activities to avoid unnecessarily using expensive mains water.

External Software Integration – Data can be automatically sent as time-stamped interval data to an existing building management system (BMS) to check utility usage against operation targets, or data can be sent directly to a 3rd party billing service.

Business Intelligence Commercial

Business Intelligence

Interactive, customised reporting tools — SUMS leverages the power of Yellowfin Business Intelligence software to deliver robust analytics reporting: use real utilities data to meet internal targets, measure ROI, see cause and effect of initiatives in real time so adjustments can be made quickly and frequently, and ensure projects stay on track and within budget.

Trends and forecasting for future planning – Understand historical trends in utility usage to more accurately predict natural resource requirements and plan for the future. Ultimately achieving significant water and energy savings and knowing minimum resource requirements will help companies reduce uncertainty and better manage risk.

Regulatory requirements and sustainability reporting – SUMS data gives companies access to the metrics required for sustainability and annual reporting. Utilities data can also be used to ensure regulatory requirements are being met and be used as hard evidence, demonstrating commitment to local, national and international agreements and securing continued public good will.

icoSUMS despatched…more than 50,000 high usage alerts over the last year.

It all adds up

  • 100% accurate

    Flexible and simple

    We know you have plenty of jobs to do without adding more to your plate. To help you meet your goals, we’ll make sure you have the technology solutions you need to gain clear and effective insights.

  • Integrated platform

    Keep your water, gas, electricity and rain tank data in one place, either on our SUMS Portal or on your existing building management system.  Real-time uploads to the web and customised alerts mean you are in control of your resource use.

  • Secure and reliable

    We want to be your utilities super hero, with a system that’s available and responsive when you need it. Working for you day and night in a secure, online-hosting environment, your data is safe no matter how big your endeavours.

  • Innovative solutions

    We are constantly seeking feedback, innovating and improving to come up with the solutions you need for the future. From our hardware and software offerings to robust analytics reporting, ask us about our development roadmap to see how it fits with your business drivers.

Client stories

With SUMS, businesses can identify improvement opportunities, maintain regulatory compliance and understand community impact.

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  • Can SUMS handle large, complex or isolated sites?

    Yes! We have solutions for extensive sites using hardwired or radio networks. We have worked with manufacturing facilities, markets, abattoirs, prisons and airports, all with unique and complex requirements, just to name a few. The SUMS portal makes it easy to view and manage dozens of meters from one log in.

    The SUMS Mesh Network is a wireless radio frequency data logging solution and often the best method for existing buildings as it is simple and quick to deploy. Our powerful radio frequency can penetrate through cement walls and floors and support hundreds of connections.

    Alternatively, the SUMS Multi-Logger is a hardwired solution that supports up to 256 individual meters. It works great in new buildings or for buildings with easy access to meters via direct cabling.

    We will conduct an audit, either on site or over the phone as appropriate, before suggesting the best technology and design solutions to match your monitoring requirements.

  • How can SUMS help my company meet key goals and track KPIs?

    As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Often the first step to making energy and water savings improvements is to understand current usage and link behaviour changes or infrastructure improvements to measurable reductions. This will give you real-time feedback on what is and isn’t working so that you can reach your goals faster.

    We also offer advanced analytics reporting that will give you even more insight and can be used to inform your own sustainability reporting requirements.

  • Can we use SUMS for automatic meter reading (AMR) and billing?

    Yes, our multi-loggers and the SUMS portal make AMR a breeze. We can also integrate to a 3rd party billing service, but do not directly bill customers.

  • Can SUMS be used for trade waste monitoring?

    Yes. SUMS data logging technology interfaces with most pulse capable meters. By installing sub metering you can track waste water volumes and reconcile utility bills.

    Have another unique application in mind? Give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.

testimonal philip attard
Managing stock water was a major challenge at Gostwyck until Paul Marsh and his team came along. Not wasting water and getting on top of any leaks quickly was a difficult job that needed a lot of chasing around and guess work. – Philip Attard,
Gostwyck Farm, NSW
Posted on the April 29th, 2017
testimonal sustainability
In striving for sustainability across our campuses we have found that to manage our resources and utilities we require effective monitoring systems that allow us to respond quickly to changed conditions. – Sustainability,
North Coast TAFE
Posted on the April 29th, 2017
testimonal sustainability manager
I have 93 data loggers and 5 roving units to monitor water usage and asset performance across the council and I am a team of just one! – Sustainability Manager,
Local Council
Posted on the April 29th, 2017
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