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SUMS Portal

Holistic view of asset performance – Bringing together all utility meters under a single sign on enables Asset or Sustainability Managers to benchmark and track the performance of all property assets.

Customised alerts via email and SMS – Early notification of unusual consumption patterns, through the careful setting of alerts in the SUMS portal, puts councils in a proactive position to respond to potential problems before they become unexpected cost blowouts.

Delegate control with unlimited user access – The hierarchical design of SUMS user profiles allows for restricted access privileges to data and functionality, so asset managers and contractors only have access to the data they need.

Data Logging Government

Data Logging

Easy to deploy data loggers – The SUMS range of data logging options, from battery to hardwire to radio mesh networks, ensures there is an appropriate option to suit all main and sub metering conditions. The SUMS XL data loggers are quick to install and can easily be moved by council staff if necessary to gather more complete utility usage information.

Ultrasonic loggers for water tanks – The SUMS C-Tank data logger makes it possible know exactly how much captured water is on hand at any time, without having to physically visit and measure tank levels. Now more informed decisions can be made about scheduling tank water use activates, like irrigate a park or sports field only when there is enough water available in the storage tanks, instead of accidentally using expensive mains water.

Data Feeds and FTP – SUMS can format and integrate data from a wide array of 3rd party sources, such as electricity smart meters, or send data directly to existing council building management systems, ensuring all relevant data streams are captured in one place.


Business Intelligence

Analytics reporting for project management – Use monthly reporting to keep projects on track and within budget: use real utilities data to monitor progress towards KPIs, see cause and effect of initiatives in real time so adjustments can be made quickly and frequently, measure ROI and prepare internal or public reports.

Inform planning and partnerships – Bring the power of the SUMS across governement departments and to key external partnerships, and make sustainability, civil works and housing initiatives more effective.

Meet legislative requirements – Performance reporting for many council assets can become a laborious process, with information sometimes scattered across multiple systems. With SUMS, it is easy to see important information in one place and to make faster, better informed decisions that meet regulatory requirements.

icoSUMS monitors…Over 850 government assets across Australia.

It all adds up

  • 100% accurate

    Flexible and simple

    We know you have plenty of jobs to do without adding more to your plate. To help you meet your goals, we’ll make sure you have the technology solutions you need to gain clear and effective insights.

  • Integrated platform

    Keep your water, gas, electricity and rain tank data in one place, either on our SUMS Portal or on your existing building management system.  Real-time uploads to the web and customised alerts mean you are in control of your resource use.

  • Secure and reliable

    We want to be your utilities super hero, with a system that’s available and responsive when you need it. Working for you day and night in a secure, online-hosting environment, your data is safe no matter how big your endeavours.

  • Innovative solutions

    We are constantly seeking feedback, innovating and improving to come up with the solutions you need for the future. From our hardware and software offerings to robust analytics reporting, ask us about our development roadmap to see how it fits with your business drivers.

Client stories

From parks to buildings, Council depots to Council pools, SUMS delivers the data so you can manage assets simply.

Proactive Water Management at Helensvale Aquatic Centre

Helensvale Aquatic Centre is a popular local swim centre with a 25 meter lap pool/children’s water play area, an indoor learn-to-swim pool and amenities for pool users and their guests. … Keep on reading

Leak Detection at Shellharbour City Council

In August 2012 Watersave SmartMeters were installed at 8 high-using Council facilities … Keep on reading

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  • Is SUMS appropriate for all council assets, not just buildings?

    Yes. Using the portal and our data logging technology we enable councils to monitor water and energy usage in public buildings, parks and reserves, rain water tanks, aquatic centres, holiday parks, car parks, and cemeteries. We have one council sustainability manager managing over 98 meters and he is a team of just one!

  • How many people can use our account? Can I adjust what certain teams/departments can or can’t see?

    With the SUMS license you can create an unlimited number of users. We use a tiered user hierarchy, allowing different users to have different levels of access and admin privileges. For example, a local Sports Centre Manager can be given admin access to manage only the specific utility meters at the centre, while the council electrical or plumbing contractors can be given “view only” access to all meters at a range of centres.

    Best of all, you have complete control to manage all users from your admin account.

  • How can SUMS help me meet my sustainability goals?

    As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Often the first step to making energy and water savings improvements is to understand current usage and link behaviour changes or infrastructure improvements to measurable reductions. This will give you real-time feedback on what is and isn’t working so that you can reach your goals faster.

    We also offer advanced analytics reporting that will give you even more insight and can be used to inform your own sustainability reporting requirements.

  • Can you tell me where my leaks are or why my energy bills are so high?

    No, unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly where your inefficiencies are, but we have lots of ways to help. Adding sub metering throughout your property is one of the best ways to pinpoint and isolate excess usage events. We can also help you look at your data, identify trends and give tips about where to investigate further. If there’s no obvious reasons for excess water usage this could indicate an underground leak; we offer a sonar leak detection service that hasn’t failed to find a leak yet!

    SUMS Group also has consultancy partners that are available to provide in-depth analysis and recommendations.

testimonal philip attard
Managing stock water was a major challenge at Gostwyck until Paul Marsh and his team came along. Not wasting water and getting on top of any leaks quickly was a difficult job that needed a lot of chasing around and guess work. – Philip Attard,
Gostwyck Farm, NSW
Posted on the April 29th, 2017
testimonal sustainability
In striving for sustainability across our campuses we have found that to manage our resources and utilities we require effective monitoring systems that allow us to respond quickly to changed conditions. – Sustainability,
North Coast TAFE
Posted on the April 29th, 2017
testimonal sustainability manager
I have 93 data loggers and 5 roving units to monitor water usage and asset performance across the council and I am a team of just one! – Sustainability Manager,
Local Council
Posted on the April 29th, 2017
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