May 25th, 2018

Innovative sustainability enterprise SUMS Group has been working with Australian business to improve water and energy management since 2003. The company’s continued growth has led to the appointment of a new Technical Operations Manager, John Wiles.… Keep on reading

April 23rd, 2018

The winners of the FM Innovation Awards have been announced and we are pleased to share that South Melbourne Market won the award for the hospitality sector, as well as being awarded the OVERALL FM Innovation Award. We congratulate the team at South Melbourne Market on their environmental leadership, innovation and achievement. … Keep on reading

St. Christopher’s Primary School installed the Smart Utility Management Solution in March 2014 in an effort to reduce water usage and costs at the school. Since this time they have managed their water usage very carefully. We are excited to be working with a school so committed to sustainability and resource savings.… Keep on reading

February 19th, 2018

SUMS Group is celebrating its 15th birthday this month. Sustainability and resource efficiency continues to be a key driver for the business. The company has become a driver of insights, a hardware and software provider, and a reliable source for utilities data, simple analysis and sustainability reporting.… Keep on reading

July 18th, 2017

SUMS Group works with water retailers and their customers to create responsive and intuitive ways to understand complex utilities information. The Skilltech SmartPipe™ delivers transparency for improved water management, business efficiencies and customer engagement.… Keep on reading

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