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Billions of interval utility data points drive better decision-making & save millions 

June 20th, 2024

Our customers rely on accurate and timely utility data to achieve better outcomes. Here's why billions of 15-minute data points equals more than 1,000 years of information.

SUMS ceebrates 4 billion data point milestone

Recently SUMS reached a new milestone of over 4 billion interval data points amassed and monitored across our member community. These utility data points and insights add up to millions of resource and cost savings, operational improvements, and sustainability achievements that would have otherwise been unknown or impossible without our smart utility solutions. 

Our clients have come to rely on accurate and timely utility data to:

+ find inefficiencies

+ identify improvements

+ benchmark performance

+ predict trends

+ conserve precious resources.

Adam JonesEnvironment and Risk Water Efficiency Specialist at BMT
(SUMS collaborator with mutual clients)

“Having consulted in water efficiency for over 20 years across a wide range of industries and organisations, I have found the biggest challenges are usually: putting real numbers on where water is actually being used, and keeping an eye on it in a way that is practical and time-efficient. Good, reliable smart water metering data is the best tool out there for this in my view, and it’s the first step for most sites that I work with.”

Better outcomes inspired by data

In the SUMS Group 21st year in business, we are proud of the fantastic outcomes inspired by data — a reflection of our customers, partners, and team commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Helping businesses gather reliable, accurate, timely utility data to drive improvements is also a catalyst for SUMS innovation. Check out our latest AMR solution – SUMS LoRa VPN – ideal for high-rise residential buildings, shopping centres, large-scale industrial, commercial offices and multi-tenanted business parks. 


SUMS LoRa VPN automatic meter reading solution

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