SUMS XG Data Logger

SmartPipe powered by SUMS

The advanced SUMS data logging technology in the SmartPipe is used to monitor water usage for accurate data-driven reporting and decision-making.

SUMS XG Data Logger features:

  • A multi-channel monitoring device with GPS tracking brings the smart to SmartPipe.
  • Powered by long-life (5-8 years) 7.2v lithium battery cell.
  • Sturdy enclosure of the XG Data Logger is built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.
  • Data is sampled in 15-minute intervals and uploaded and saved to the SUMS powered SmartPipe dashboard for further analysis and use.

GPS Mapping

SmartPipe uses SUMS GPS mapping to find a hydrant location and to identify where and which hydrant was used. You compare data from different sites to understand usage patterns and automate alerts to prevent usage outside boundaries.

  • Trace how much water was used in a specific location at any point of time and view the site on street view maps.
  • Use Geo-fencing, which places a virtual perimeter in areal world geographical area. If the SmartPipe is used outside of this area, an alert can be triggered.
  • Save and share the accurate usage location information.
  • See every extraction point location on a map and identify where and when the SmartPipe was used.
  • Set operational boundaries and exclusion zones based on your business needs.

SmartPipe Dashboard

Use the sophisticated SmartPipe dashboard statistical functions to present, share and report data.

  • Create detailed data tables to understand your data.
  • Use SmartPipe data for reporting and billing.
  • Access the built-in statistics tool for a consumption snapshot.

Automated Alerts

Setting up customisable alerts for various events means you can stay on top of your standpipe operations and address any issues before they become bigger problems. Being notified when a SmartPipe is being used at the wrong hydrant or area allows you to make rapid data-driven decisions.

  • Configure the dashboard to automatically detect usage outside of the geo-fence boundaries you have determined.
  • Use hydrant alerts to notify you when a SmartPipe is used at any unauthorised location.
  • Set an alert to inform when the SmartPipe meter has not reported to the server for over 24-hours.


Transparency is key to better water management. By providing accurate and reliable data on standpipe usage, SmartPipe helps our customers make informed decisions that lead to more efficient and sustainable water use.

  • Produce daily updates and automate alerts
  • Get access to accurate water usage statistics
  • Make fast data-driven decisions
  • Limit anomalies and usage outside boundaries
  • Create savings and increase revenue
  • Manage all hydrants usage in one place
  • Compare meters across sites
  • Create event monitoring reports with ease
  • Fast and accurate invoicing
  • Track near real-time water usage

Advanced standpipe monitoring solution.

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