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Building a More Water-Secure Future

SmartPipe goes beyond simply providing a digital standpipe. It aims to address a critical global issue – water scarcity – by empowering water councils to manage their water resources more effectively.

By focusing on sustainability, transparency, and data-driven solutions, SmartPipe has revolutionised water management for a brighter future.

Quantifying Unaccounted Water with Real-time Data Collection

SmartPipe’s real-time data collection capabilities are the foundation of its effectiveness. The smart meter gathers crucial information, acting as the eyes and ears of the system. It measures water usage parameters like volume, flow rate, and duration, providing detailed insights into how and when water is consumed.

Additionally, GPS technology integrates seamlessly, pinpointing the location of each standpipe, enabling comprehensive data analysis across different areas. This real-time data is then wirelessly transmitted to a central platform for continuous monitoring and analysis, ensuring immediate access to critical information for informed decision-making and efficient water management.

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Integrated Operational Workflows with Data-driven Decision Making

SmartPipe transforms data into actionable insights, empowering water authorities to make informed decisions about water management. The platform aggregates and analyses data from each SmartPipe extraction. This comprehensive analysis provides a clear picture of water usage trends, identifies areas of high demand, and pinpoints potential inefficiencies in the system. With this knowledge, water authorities can make data-driven decisions about water distribution, infrastructure investment, and conservation efforts.

By optimising water allocation based on real-time data, SmartPipe allows authorities to ensure efficient use of resources and minimise unnecessary waste. Additionally, by identifying problematic usage or inefficient usage patterns, the platform enables targeted interventions and resource allocation, further improving water management efficiency and sustainability.

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Sustainable & Commercial with a Holistic Standpipe Management Solution

SmartPipe operates beyond simply providing data; it serves as a holistic standpipe management solution. By combining real-time usage monitoring, advanced alerting, and data-driven insights, SmartPipe empowers water authorities to optimise standpipe performance and manage water resources effectively.

Its comprehensive functionality addresses the entire spectrum of standpipe management, from identifying usage patterns to quantifying unaccounted water and promoting responsible water consumption. This integrated approach ensures that SmartPipe delivers a powerful tool for achieving sustainable water management and enhancing water security for communities.

The future of standpipe management

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