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Customisable alerts sent via email or SMS – Through the careful setting of threshold and usage alerts, be notified of anomalies before they become maintenances headaches, whether it is water leaks in the irrigation system or high energy consumption by the car park exhaust fan.

Data visualisation and analysis tools – Using charts and tools to recognise patterns in usage, calculate base flow and identify when max demand occurs will allow building managers to better understand the complex infrastructure and find unexpected cost savings by improving normal usage and reducing wear on common property.

Integrated online platform – See water, electricity and gas data in one place to better understand the interdependence of utilities—such as how reduced water consumption will lead to reduced electricity costs because less water needs to be pumped throughout the building—and realise exponential cost and resource savings.

Data Logging

Data Logging

Suite of data logging technologies for applications large and small – For single meters, such as monitoring the main water meter and common electricity meter, SUMS data loggers or data feeds are cost effective and very easy to install. For larger projects, the hardwired SUMS Multi-logger can connect dozens or hundreds of sub meters.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) – AMR is a common solution for buildings looking to individually meter units for the sake of billing actual usage. The SUMS Multi-Logger can be deployed to connect all cold water, hot water and/or electricity meters on a single network for subsequent billing by a 3rd party provider.

Embedded Networks – Embedded networks are a way for buildings to buy electricity in bulk at a cheaper market price while still individually billing units for usage. Electricity comes into the building via the main meter and is then distributed to individual apartments and commercial units. Similar to AMR, the SUMS Multi-Logger is used to connect meters; data is then sent to a 3rd party for billing.

Business Intelligence Strata

Data Inspired

Analytics Reporting – Gain valuable insights into how behaviour changes and capital improvement projects affect actual usage, making it easier to calculate ROI and prepare reports for the strata and executive committees.

Performance Benchmarking – Compare building performance to key industry benchmarks—such as Sydney Water’s best practice benchmark of 200 litres per bedroom per day for apartment buildings—to inform investment priorities. The best practice benchmark can also help identify and manage overcrowding situations, a common issue in major cities.

Environmental Audits and Sustainability Reporting – SUMS works with respected consultants to audit buildings and recommend investment opportunities to reduce water and energy use. More efficient infrastructure and real data to show performance improvements provide the necessary evidence to achieve sustainability ratings with Green Star, BASIX, or NABERS for Strata ratings.

icoOur SUMS strata solution…Is used in over 60 residential strata towers across Australia.

It all adds up

  • 100% accurate

    Flexible and simple

    We know you have plenty of jobs to do without adding more to your plate. To help you meet your goals, we’ll make sure you have the technology solutions you need to gain clear and effective insights.

  • Integrated platform

    Keep your water, electricity and gas in one place.  Real-time uploads to the web and customised alerts mean you are in control of your resource use.

  • Secure and reliable

    We want to be your utilities super hero, with a system that’s available and responsive when you need it. Working for you day and night in a secure, online-hosting environment, your data is safe no matter how big your endeavours.

  • Innovative solutions

    We are constantly seeking feedback, innovating and improving to come up with the solutions you need for the future. From our hardware and software offerings to reporting, ask us about our development roadmap to see how it fits with your business drivers.

Client stories

SUMS allows Building Managers to keep a finger on your building’s pulse. Manage car park fans, common areas lighting, air-conditioning cooling towers and everything in between.

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  • How many meters can we monitor at once?

    We offer a range of technology solutions so whether you want to monitor just a single main meter, all common area meters or you want a fully embedded network throughout all apartments, SUMS has an appropriate hardware solution.

    SUMS XL data loggers can be attached to a single meter or, if multiple meters are in close proximity, support up to 4 meter channels per logger. This data logger is available as a battery, solar or mains powered devices.

    For more complex sub metering projects:

    The SUMS Mesh Network is a wireless radio frequency data logging solution and often the best method for existing buildings as it is simple and quick to deploy. Our powerful radio frequency can penetrate through cement walls and floors and support hundreds of connections.

    Alternatively, the SUMS Multi-Logger is a hardwired solution that supports up to 256 individual meters. It works great in new buildings or for buildings with easy access to meters via direct cabling.

    We will conduct an audit, either on site or over the phone as appropriate, before suggesting the best technology and design solutions to match your monitoring requirements.

  • I think this is great, but how can I convince by strata/executive committee to invest?

    SUMS has been integral for strata buildings in realising both direct and indirect benefits. The most notable direct benefit comes from real monetary savings. By monitoring usage in real time, buildings can quickly identify and resolve sudden excess water and energy usage events, as well as understanding building usage patterns in order to improve regular usage behaviour.

    Ultimately this means:

    • lower total costs on utility bills and
    • reduced load on common infrastructure that saves money in the long run.

    Indirect benefits include:

    • tracking ROI on capital improvement projects,
    • identifying overcrowding in apartments,
    • increasing sustainability which can positively affect building value and public interest,
    • comparing building performance to key industry benchmarks (for example, best practice water usage for strata buildings in Sydney is 200 litres per bedroom per day),
    • using sub metering to more fairly allocate bills based on usage instead of entitlements, and
    • ultimately giving residents more freedom about how they want to allocate resource savings, whether that means reducing levies or freeing up resources for other important investments.
  • Can you tell me where the inefficiencies are in my building?

    No, unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly where your inefficiencies are, but we have lots of ways to help. Adding sub metering throughout your property is one of the best ways to pinpoint and isolate usage.

    We can also help you look at your data, identify trends and give tips about where to investigate further. By understanding the buildings unique usage patterns and recognising changes or spikes, building managers have been able to use SUMS to reduce base flows, reduce peak electricity demands, and quickly resolve issues that would have remained hidden for months until the next quarterly bill was issued. Check out some of these case studies to learn more.

  • We’re just normal people on a strata committee with no engineering or data backgrounds—will the SUMS portal be useful to us?

    Yes! We have designed SUMS to be simple and intuitive, yet still powerful and effective. It’s used by year 2 students as a learning tool in the classroom to environmental engineers using SUMS data in building audit reports.
    Furthermore, we provide training to every new customer and can orchestrate large group trainings for your entire committee.

testimonal sustainability
In striving for sustainability across our campuses we have found that to manage our resources and utilities we require effective monitoring systems that allow us to respond quickly to changed conditions. – Sustainability,
North Coast TAFE
testimonal sustainability manager
I have 93 data loggers and 5 roving units to monitor water usage and asset performance across the council and I am a team of just one! – Sustainability Manager,
Local Council
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