SUMS+ Portal

Timely data – Delivers water, gas and electricity time of use data in 15 minute intervals, 24 hours a day.

Interfacing with internal systems – Once the utility data is stored in the SUMS portal it can be forwarded via FTP or email to other back-end systems, such as billing or network operations software.

Unlimited, customisable alerts – Receive early notification of unusual patterns or system usage with alerts delivered via email or SMS, so problems can be detected and addressed before becoming customer or operational issues.

Analytics Reports – Access a variety of reports on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Data Logging

Data Logging Technology

Suite of data logging technologies – To combat the many challenges in gathering data from meters from a variety of manufacturers, of varying age and model type, and with different pulse outputs and interfaces, it is important to have access to a range of data logging solutions that are both simple and cost effective to install and maintain.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) – Individual meters can be monitored using wired or wireless network data loggers, capable of accurately interfacing with several hundred devices in real-time.

Temporary logging of customer sites – The SUMS XM data logger is very simple to install, relocate and configure, making it an ideal solution for monitoring problem sites that would benefit from temporary data logging with the aim to establish actual usage patterns.


Data Inspired

Targeting high water users – Rolling out small battery powered SUMS XL data loggers to high-volume users, is an effective way of identifying potential problems and reducing load of infrastructure, while increasing customer engagement and retention.

Performance benchmarking – By gathering and analysing data across the community of actual users, realistic and relevant KPIs can be established to benchmark user performance and inform cost reduction incentives.

icoEvery year…more than 30,000 logins bring our customers closer to their data.

It all adds up

  • 100% accurate

    Flexible and simple

    We know you have plenty of jobs to do without adding more to your plate. To help you meet your goals, we’ll make sure you have the technology solutions you need to gain clear and effective insights.

  • Integrated platform

    Keep your water, electricity and gas in one place.  Real-time uploads to the web and customised alerts mean you are in control of your resource use.

  • Secure and reliable

    We want to be your utilities super hero, with a system that’s available and responsive when you need it. Working for you day and night in a secure, online-hosting environment, your data is safe no matter how big your endeavours.

  • Innovative solutions

    We are constantly seeking feedback, innovating and improving to come up with the solutions you need for the future. From our hardware and software offerings to reporting, ask us about our development roadmap to see how it fits with your business drivers.

Client stories

With SUMS, utility providers can achieve resource savings, decrease negative environmental impacts and improve customer services and engagement.

City West Water

City West Water has worked closely with SUMS Group to provide City West Water customers with Data Logging Options for proactive water management. … Keep on reading

Sydney Water

Sydney Water provides high quality drinking water and wastewater services to more than 4.9 million people every day. The company’s new direction focuses on customers, resource efficiencies and investment in innovation for smart sustainable solutions.… Keep on reading

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  • Why use SUMS for AMR and billing?

    We are proud to say that our AMR system is actually automatic—sending data directly to the SUMS portal and viewable from your web browser—meaning meter techs don’t have to come on site and you can reduce errors from transcribing readings. Whether using a wireless or wired network, our data loggers are accurate, reliable, and cost effective to install with very little required maintenance.

    We can also integrate to a 3rd party billing service, but do not directly bill customers.

  • What makes you better than your competitor?

    We have retained the agility of a small company and we continue to innovate as market requirements evolve. We’ve been told by clients what sets us apart is our proven reliability and accuracy of readings, ease of integration to existing billing systems, our willingness to collaborate on complex projects, and the simplicity and clarity of our SUMS portal and analytics reporting. These qualities have led some of Australia’s major utilities companies to replace existing systems they were unsatisfied with for ours.

    We pride ourselves in our partnerships but of course you don’t have to take our word for it. We are happy to provide an appropriate reference or set up a 3-month trial to show you why we deserve your business.

  • How will SUMs help add value to my business?

    From customer engagement to more efficient operations to strategic resource savings, we offer a variety of solutions to help you achieve your business objectives. For example, robust interactive dashboards powered with advanced analytics allow your business operations teams to better manage maintenance, improve continuity of service, and increase water quality. Similarly, identifying potential leaks in the network before they become a customer issue can save cost, reduce downtime and improve customer relations.

    White labelling the SUMS portal adds value to your customers by offering simple access to their data and providing cross-utility insights.

    Give us a call to talk more about how advanced analytics can support vital business decisions.

testimonal sustainability
In striving for sustainability across our campuses we have found that to manage our resources and utilities we require effective monitoring systems that allow us to respond quickly to changed conditions. – Sustainability,
North Coast TAFE
testimonal sustainability manager
I have 93 data loggers and 5 roving units to monitor water usage and asset performance across the council and I am a team of just one! – Sustainability Manager,
Local Council
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