SUMS LoRa VPN data logger


The SUMS LoRa VPN is a multi-radio logger system that offers a powerful, flexible and affordable solution for remote monitoring and automatic meter reading (AMR) of utility meters.

This innovative solution is ideal for high-rise residential, shopping centres, large-scale industrial, commercial offices and multi-tenanted business parks. The SUMS LoRa VPN solution is designed to help businesses gather reliable, accurate & timely utility data for:

  • Sustainability / Net Zero goals
  • GRESB reporting
  • NABERS ratings.

Key features:

  • Real-time wireless AMR
  • 15-minute interval data
  • Walk-up facia panel live meter readings
  • Online live meter readings
  • Monitoring of 1-8 utility meters from a single LoRa node

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SUMS Multi Data Logger

SUMS Multi-Loggers

The SUMS Multi Logger offers a powerful, flexible and low-cost solution for the remote recording and automatic meter reading (AMR) of any utility meter.

Monitors up to 384 water, electricity or gas meters simultaneously. The SUMS Multi Logger can be hardwired with up to 12 SUMS XB-32 Expansion Boards, making for easy configuration on small or large sites.

Usage data can be sent directly to the SUMS+ Portal via the integrated 4G/3G wireless module, read manually via the facia panel, or automatically forwarded in 15-minute time-stamped intervals to a utility Retailer or 3rd Party for billing or analysis.

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XM Data Logger image

SUMS XM Data Logger

The SUMS XM Data Logger is a compact, multi-channel monitoring device that can be attached to any utility meter with a pulse output. Usage is monitored over 15-minute intervals and uploaded to the SUMS+ Portal for further analysis.

Powered by long-life (5-8 years) 2 x 3.6V Lithium battery cells, the SUMS XM Data Logger can be installed in almost any environment.

The sturdy enclosure is hermetically sealed (IP66) and manufactured from UV-stabilized plastic to withstand the harshest climate.

The SUMS XM Data Logger is simple to install and sends data in a matter of minutes from entering the site!

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