Your Utility Data

The SUMS Portal provides access to your utility data in near real time wherever you are, empowering you to make decisions based on what’s happening now.

Understanding your unique usage patterns will enable you to be more proactive and react to unexpected changes faster. The simple and user-friendly nature of the portal helps governments, schools, utility providers, residential strata buildings, and numerous other clients to do just that.

The suite of analysis tools in the portal helps to inform your core business operations. These include Charts, KPI tracking, virtual meters, base flow and max demand calculators, multi-site comparison, location mapping, and more.

Automated Alerts

SUMS understands the limited resources businesses and governments have to constantly monitor their utility consumption. That’s where alerts come in.

See abnormal consumption as it happens and be notified by email or SMS through automatic alerts. Triggered by excess consumption, zero flow, disconnected loggers, or a number of other events, alerts minimise the effects of leaks and other water inefficiencies.

With unlimited alerts, you can always focus your attention where it’s needed the most.

Flexible Data

SUMS Portal has been designed to meet any business needs, focused on a user-friendly design with complex functionality developed for our customers. With over 30,000 data loggers across Australia, SUMS Portal has proven to be a wanted and flexible resource.

The SUMS Portal is compatible with multiple data source inputs, delivered straight from hardware or imported from an existing system. The data inside SUMS can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your business needs.


Smart Utility Management
Made Simple.

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