SUMS+ Portal

Online access to real time data – Login anytime, anywhere from any device to view real time usage data, making it easier and more efficient to manage remote assets by avoiding costly and time consuming manual inspections and deploy manpower where it is needed most.

Customisable alerts sent via email or SMS – Be alerted to abnormal usage events—whether it is a leak, unnecessary pumping, or other equipment running improperly–so maintenance can be prioritised and issues can be resolved before becoming bigger problems that threaten productivity.

Data visualisation and analysis tools – Visualise usage data with charts and use tools that calculate base flow and max demand to better understand usage patterns so decisions can be made that ultimately reduce usage and save costs.


Data Logging

Main and sub meter monitoring – Monitoring main and sub meters gives farmers the ability to understand their unique normal usage footprint, identify usage patterns and better pinpoint specific inefficiencies or leaks.

SUMS Data loggers and daily data feeds – A combination of battery, solar and mains powered data loggers, together with direct data feeds from the energy provider, can be used to gain a comprehensive and holistic view of all utilities. SUMS Data Loggers are rugged in nature and easy to deploy or move around site if needed.


Data Inspired

Performance Benchmarking – Benchmarking gives context to establish best practices and evaluate performance over time, helping balance the requirement for productivity against the destructive impact and cost of overuse.

Monthly reports – Track and record resource usage over time against behaviour changes and large capital improvement projects, making it easier to link cause and effect and measure ROI of investments.

Utility data for risk management – Better understand trends and patterns in utility usage to more accurately predict future resource requirements and plan allocation, ultimately better protecting farm productivity against the volatility of water availability and energy costs.

icoOne farmer saved…50% in water costs in just one year after installing SUMS monitoring.

It all adds up

  • 100% accurate

    Flexible and simple

    We know you have plenty of jobs to do without adding more to your plate. To help you meet your goals, we’ll make sure you have the technology solutions you need to gain clear and effective insights.

  • Integrated platform

    Keep your water, electricity and gas in one place.  Real-time uploads to the web and customised alerts mean you are in control of your resource use.

  • Secure and reliable

    We want to be your utilities super hero, with a system that’s available and responsive when you need it. Working for you day and night in a secure, online-hosting environment, your data is safe no matter how big your endeavours.

  • Innovative solutions

    We are constantly seeking feedback, innovating and improving to come up with the solutions you need for the future. From our hardware and software offerings to reporting, ask us about our development roadmap to see how it fits with your business drivers.

Client stories

Ensure livestock is watered, irrigation is running to schedule, leaks are detected and needless pumping of water is avoided. SUMS provides simple tools for remote farm management.

Watersave SUMS managing water use at Le Cornu Dairy Farm in New Zealand

The Waikato Regional Council has responded to concerns about water security in the Waikato region with a plan variation (Variation 6) which aims to delivery efficient allocation and use of water in the region.… Keep on reading

Watersave’s SmartMeter Solution saving water at Hansen Farms

Garry Hansen owns several properties in the Coomandook area. Hansen Farms comprise an area of approximately 7,000 hectares with 5 homes spread across the properties.… Keep on reading

Managing Water at Gostwyck Farm

Managing stock water was a major challenge at Gostwyck until Paul Marsh and his team came along. Not wasting water and getting on top of any leaks quickly was a difficult job that needed a lot of chasing around and guess work. … Keep on reading

Water Smart Farming in South Australia

After buying a second agricultural property 500kms from our home base in 2008, the thought of a major water leak has always been a worry for us.… Keep on reading

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testimonal philip attard
Managing stock water was a major challenge at Gostwyck until Paul Marsh and his team came along. Not wasting water and getting on top of any leaks quickly was a difficult job that needed a lot of chasing around and guess work. – Philip Attard,
Gostwyck Farm, NSW
testimonal sustainability
In striving for sustainability across our campuses we have found that to manage our resources and utilities we require effective monitoring systems that allow us to respond quickly to changed conditions. – Sustainability,
North Coast TAFE
testimonal sustainability manager
I have 93 data loggers and 5 roving units to monitor water usage and asset performance across the council and I am a team of just one! – Sustainability Manager,
Local Council
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