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SUMS It Up – July 2024

July 2nd, 2024

In this issue of SUMS It Up, we are pleased to share our recent team news and updates, including the release of SUMS latest automatic-meter-reading (AMR) innovation.

Better outcomes inspired by data

Recently SUMS reached a new milestone of over 4 billion data points amassed and monitored across our member community. As many of our clients attest, these utility data points and insights add up to millions of resource and cost savings, operational improvements, and sustainability achievements that would have otherwise been unknown or impossible without reliable, accurate, timely data SUMS solutions provide.  

Adam Jones, an environment and risk water efficiency specialist at BMT, also shares his thoughts in our recent article:
Billions of data points drive better decision-making & save millions‘.

SUMS stand at Ozwater

SUMS & Friends at Ozwater 2024 

The SUMS team was delighted to be among industry leaders and peers at the Ozwater conference in Melbourne this year. The exhibitor floor was buzzing, bringing together over 200 international and national organisations showcasing water products, services, and innovation, including yours truly—SUMS! Our stand was also one of 27 displays reflecting ‘trade show best practices and companies that exemplified effective, imaginative and creative ideas’.
We always value the opportunity to connect with our long-term clients and collaborators during these industry events, acknowledging our shared dedication and passion for sustainable water management practices. A special thanks to SUMS friends who stopped by for a chat and to check out our latest AMR solution on display, SUMS LoRa VPN,  

Spotlight on Australian Made Week 2024

Did you know SUMS smart data loggers are designed and manufactured in Australia? As an Australian business, we take pride in our commitment to local suppliers and partnerships that deliver innovative solutions for our customers nationwide. Research shows:

  • 91% of Australians want to see more Australian Made products
  • 89% of Australians are more likely to buy a product if they knew it was Australian Made
  • 71% of Australians will be looking to buy more Australian Made products in the next 12 months
  • 60% of Australians are more likely to support businesses that carry the Australian Made logo once informed that Australian Made businesses contribute $7 billion to the economy.

Paul Marsh, SUMS Managing Director, says, “Many of our customers include Australian utilities, councils, and schools as well as market-leading ASX property developers and operators. SUMS product innovation stems from customer feedback and collaboration from Australian organisations, so we are thrilled to be part of the certified Australian Made community.’
Learn more about Australian Made Week 2024.

SUMS+ portal alert feature

SUMS understands the limited resources businesses and governments have to constantly monitor their utility consumption. Through automatic alerts, customers can see abnormal consumption as it happens and be notified by email or SMS. Triggered by excess consumption, zero flow, disconnected loggers, or several other events, alerts minimise the effects of leaks, other water inefficiencies or unexpected peaks in energy use. 

Josh Springfeld, SUMS Project / Account Manager, says setting up alerts relevant to a customer site can be a game-changer. Josh highlights some key tips to make the most of the SUMS alert feature and save time:

  • Seasonal changes—Accumulated and flow rate alerts may vary considerably between the summer and winter, so review and adapt alert settings accordingly. 
  • Operating hours—Setting a minimum flow rate at off-peak times can identify and trigger an alert and lead to quick resolution. For example, if the air conditioning is left running overnight, on weekends, or during extended shut-down periods, customers receive notification. 
  • Business practices—It is essential to adapt alert settings to a customer’s site usage profile, process, and practices, as some businesses run 24/7 operations, involving peaks and troughs of utility use throughout the day. 
  • Contact information—As staff roles and responsibilities change, it’s important to update the alert contact information to avoid unnecessary waste and costs to the business.

Learn more about SUMS+ portal solution.

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