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Coming Soon: SUMS+ Vista

April 29th, 2019

SUMS+ Vista is a NEW highly engaging way to make the data of your Smart Utility Management System a topic of discussion in your community.

New from SUMS

Our clients  are increasingly interested in how to engage the whole community in sustainability efforts and we have been developing the solution for providing this essential information for everyone to see. 

SUMS+ Vista provides a NEW highly engaging way to make the data of your Smart Utility Management System a topic of discussion in your community. 

The solution will show the utility usage from SUMS Portal via any HDMI display. Screens are most commonly placed in a public foyer or hallway where the information reaches anyone coming in or out of the building.

SUMS+ Vista shares the data in a way that engages and excites building visitors. It is the perfect value adding solution to schools, commercial and residential building foyers. It showcases the effort your building is making to operate responsibly and efficiently, to save money, water and energy.

Product BETA launch in May 2019

Please contact for more information.

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