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SUMS Group announces a new location in the heart of Brisbane.

May 6th, 2019

The leading smart utility management solutions provider SUMS Group announced the opening of a new office in Brisbane at 310 Edward Street Brisbane, to strengthen the partnerships and meet the needs of customers in Queensland.

SUMS Group launched a new office in the heart of Brisbane (QLD)

Mr Paul Marsh, Managing Director of SUMS Group, is proud to announce a new location in the heart of Brisbane. As you know, the Smart Utility Management Solution (SUMS) has long been endeavoured to be your utilities super hero, providing the system and services our clients so highly value. The new location at 310 Edward Street will serve our Queensland customers even better opening the 1st of May.

At the same time SUMS is proud to announce a promotion of Ms Katie Montgomery, our Business Solutions Manager, who will be responsible for the launching of new business operations in the capital of Queensland. Plans to develop operations in Brisbane were initiated as a result of increasing collaboration with utilities companies, local government and commercial businesses in the region. SUMS Group is looking forward to continued expansion with our Queensland partners.

SUMS is IPAM approved for SEQ which means we maintain high quality standards and are proud to be in the list of products and materials accepted for use within the SEQ water industry. The new office will be company’s third office location in Australia. For more information about the new Brisbane location, contact:

Mr Paul Marsh

Managing Director

P. 1300368603

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