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SUMS Celebrates National Water Week

October 18th, 2021

This year, the theme is 'Caring for water and Country'

It is National Water Week from the 18th – 24th of October, with this year’s theme being ‘Caring for water and Country’. 

As the event organiser, The Australian Water Association states, “Access to clean water is hugely important to our daily lives, and it’s down to all of us to protect our water environments and resources, and use water wisely.”  

This annual event acts as a timely reminder for us all to remember the value of water in our lives, especially as we head into the warmer, dryer months of summer in Australia.  

SUMS have had water security at top of mind since we opened our doors in 2003, with the company forming deep within drought, and at a time where there was a great need for products and technologies to assist with addressing water security in the country. 

To this day, SUMS remains committed to creating products that assist our customers with: 

  • Reducing water usage 
  • Reducing the prevalence & impact of leaks from a loss of water 
  • Identifying inefficiencies within water systems 
  • Building a more sustainable future for our society 

SUMS does this by providing our customers with market-leading technology that gives them the accurate usage data they need for the above to be possible.  

To further increase our capabilities, SUMS has just launched our new portal – SUMS V3, which helps simplify utility management for our customers. We did this as we know that utility data can often be hard to understand or analyse, so by simplifying it, we give our customers the tools they need to be much more effective at reducing water and energy usage.  

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