Flexible Business Intelligence Dashboards

SUMS Insights takes your standard utility data and displays it in dynamic dashboards for businesses, utility providers, and governments to see in-depth analytics and insights into how they consume water, electricity, and other utilities.

Displaying data from SUMS loggers in an interactive dashboard allows clients to drill down into minute detail, understand overall consumption patterns, and learn future usage forecasts. These dashboards can be customised to fit a multitude of client needs, applicable across numerous industries.

Automated Utility Reports

Monthly utility reports provide an on-going understanding of consumption and measurement for sustainability initiatives. Sent directly via email, these reports minimise the need for clients to log into the SUMS portal or dashboards, while encouraging a continual focus on sustainability.

Utility reports are a useful means to share snapshot information to key stakeholders, showing the effects of your utility efficiency initiatives over a 3 or 12 month period.

SUMS Vista

SUMS Vista is a public display for residential strata, schools, and businesses to encourage engagement in utility efficiency and sustainability. Typically displayed in receptions, SUMS Vista shows the near real-time utility consumption, bench-marked across relevant industries.

Continuous visibility of your water, electrical, or solar usage encourages viewers to engage in more conscious sustainability practices. In doing so, this creates internal change where other solutions may lack efficiency.

Utility Data Meets Business Intelligence.

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